Crank-Out Awning

Crank-Out Awning
Crank-Out EP Awning
Crank-Out XL Awning

Crank-out awnings open out from the bottom with a crank handle that folds down when not in use. Choose motorized operators for an effortless way to open and close your window. Ultra Series Crank-Out Awnings are now available in EP and XL models. EP models offer triple pane glass as standard for optimal energy performance, while XL models offer massive sizes with hardware to accommodate the extra size and weight.

MostEfficient 2014MarkVistaLuxe Collection Crank-Out Awnings and Ultra Series Crank-Out EP Awnings are available with options that meet the criteria of ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient in 2014.

Special Feature:
Some crank-out awnings are available with retractable screens, which roll up for an unobstructed view when not in use.


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